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Chairs' Greetings 

An annual International Davidoff Conference has become a tradition for the past 6 years.

SOHO - The Society of Hematologic Oncology was established in 2012 by the MD Anderson Group. Since then, around 6,000 members from 110 countries have joined the society from around the globe.
SOHO’s mission is to expedite worldwide research and education by exchanging scientific information.


Prof. Hagop Kantarjian, chair of the Department of Leukemia at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Prof. Pia Raanani, the ambassador of SOHO to Israel, will launch this year a yearly SOHO – Israel meetings' program to be merged with the traditional annual Davidoff Conference, entitled: THE 1st SOHO – ISRAEL MEETING & THE 7th INTERNATIONAL DAVIDOFF CONFERENCE - STATE OF THE ART & NEXT QUESTIONS…


The conference is scheduled for May 3th – 5th ,2023 with 2 Educational days at the ANU - Museum of the Jewish People Tel Aviv University, and 1 Round Tables discussions day at the Dan hotel, Tel-Aviv.


The 2023 meeting will focus on new advances and practical clinical applications in the field of hematologic malignancies. The speakers are a multidisciplinary group of internationally recognized experts that represent the spectrum of these diseases.


Alongside the conference, there will be an innovative exhibition of pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies. Guided tours of the ANU museum will be available as well.


As a hybrid event, THE 1st SOHO – ISRAEL MEETING & THE 7th INTERNATIONAL DAVIDOFF CONFERENCE - STATE OF THE ART & NEXT QUESTIONS…offers in-person presence for Israeli participants and virtual attendance options for international attendees.


We welcome you to this exciting meeting and encourage you to join SOHO for free membership!

Pia Raanani photo _edited.jpg

Dr. Pia Raanani

Portrait Photo.jpg

Dr. Hagop Kantarjian

Meeting Chairs

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