Chair's Greeting

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In the last decades cure has become a realistic option for previously fatal hemato-oncological disorders. The dialogue has changed from patients' lifesaving issue to QOL matters and from life prolongation as a target to cure as a realistic goal.

This conceptual change, in part due to the introduction of novel agents, has raised new dilemmas such as: Should cure be an aim for all hemato-oncological disorders? Should it be a goal for all patients? At what price for the patients as well as the health system should we aim for cure?


What about QOL issues vis a vis life prolongation and cure aims? And above all – what does cure really mean from a practical point of view? 


Therefore, this year the 6th Annual Davidoff Hematology International Conference will be titled: "CURE IN HEMATO-ONCOLOGY : MAKING THE DREAM A REALITY…." In hope that the dream of LIVE International Davidoff conferences will also be a reality again...


Pia Raanani

Dr. Pia Raanani, Meeting Chair